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Advantages of Digital Label Printing

Following is a list of advantages that apply to printing digitally.

With today’s modern technology, ordering short-run, digital labels is a breeze and more affordable than ever! Traditional label printing is done on large mechanical flexographic printing presses. These presses require artwork to be output to film - for creation of rubber printing plates. These plates are then attached to the presses, inks are mixed, and the machine is hand-calibrated to the specifics of each job.

Present-day digital label printing equipment is much different, eliminating all of the above tasks! Doing away with these steps creates many advantages over flexographic label printing, including: Faster delivery / turnaround time; Low minimum quantities; No die or plate charges; Higher quality; 4-color process printing; and much more!

The main benefits to customers are:

Delivery Speed: Because digital printing eliminates the need for plates and lengthy press set-up, labels are produced much faster – in mere minutes instead of hours in most cases. This is especially true with multiple color (4-color process) jobs, which can require running the same label through the press multiple times to complete the job.

Better Pricing: Again, because digital printing eliminates the need for the creation of printing plates, and because each job takes less time to set-up, the actual cost per label is much less. However larger runs are still more economical using the flexographic process.

Low Minimums: Digital label printing makes it possible to provide customers with label quantities as few as one label – or as large as 25,000– all at very affordable pricing. Additionally, digital labels can be produced at practically any size, with no die requirements.

Quality: Digital printing translates into high-quality, picture perfect labels on each and every label order! Digital printing technology produces rich, vibrant labels – with none of the banding or gear marks that you have undoubtedly seen with traditional label printing.

4-Color Process: Digital printing makes it easy to order perfect 4-color process (photographic) labels. Unlike flexographic printing, where single / spot colors are typically used, digitally printed labels are always produced from a mixture of 4-colors, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. This process makes it easy on customers from the standpoint that they can submit artwork with photos and/or other multi-colour artwork – without any worries!

Digitally printed labels are an excellent choice for wine bottle labels, health and beauty packaging / labels, food labels, bath and body labels, and/or any other product where the label itself can be used to enhance the product’s appeal. This is because digitally printed labels are produced with a higher line-screen than traditional flexographic label printing – typically 230 lines versus only 133 or 150 for flexographic printing. This equates to a huge difference in the label’s detail, color, overall clarity and vividness.

Today’s digital printing makes ordering labels both easier and more affordable!

At Clarkson Graphic Services, not only can we help you with your next label project, but we can also provide your business with catalogues, business cards, envelopes, presentation folders or any of your other business printing needs. Contact Clarkson Graphic Services today for a quotation.