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Save Money on Label Printing

Are you tired of paying huge sums of money in label printing? Whether it is for your products or for your equipment in the office custom labels, they can for most of the time indeed run you up quite the bill. We are happy to tell you though that you won't have to do this every time if you don't want to. There are a few good money saving techniques out there for printers which you can apply yourself for your own label printing tasks. In this regard, you have five main items to consider.

1. Use standard sizes: Standardization is one of the great things about our modern times. It makes things faster and easier to produce. Moreover, this can also lead to cheaper prices. So it does definitely pay if you use standard sizes for your labels. Custom labels with custom sizes can be expensive when you consider the cost of a die. Always consider a size using an on hand die unless your quantities are very large. You may sacrifice some uniqueness of your labels in the process, but with the savings you get, it should be well worth it.

2. Try printing in specific colors: Also, some label printers actually can cut your printing costs if you use only one or two specific colors. For example if you are using only a light blue color for you labels, then you can save a lot of money since technically you are not printing in full color format which can be expensive. If done correctly, your designs can look good with those specific colors and still cost a little bit less than full color label printing.

3. Managing paper stocks: Now, in terms of paper stocks, you can save some money by choosing the right kind to use for your labels. If you don't expect your products or other equipment with the label to be exposed to any kind of environmental effects, then it is a good idea to go with less expensive paper stocks.

4. Bulk printing: Of course for most people who print, bulk printing is an old adage. The larger your printing order, the cheaper the cost per printing piece becomes. So if you plan on printing labels, it is always good to print all the labels you need in one sitting. You will get great discounts for each piece and you should be all set for all your label needs at the same time.

5. Consider Digital: Labels using digital printing can be very economical for short runs.  Starting with a digital art files can be output direct to press without any film or plates allowing for printing of spot colours or 4 colour process labels.
Using a computer generated cut file, you can digitally die cut and finish your labels without the need of expensive dies.

You now know a few money saving techniques for label printing. Just keep to these tips and you might save anywhere from 10%-30% of typical label printing costs. So keep these tips in mind and enjoy the savings that is to come.