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The Advantages Of Short Run Digital Printing In These Difficult Economic Times

Not too many people are aware of the short run digital printing services being offered in the marketplace nowadays. For many years the advances of printing technology constantly improved the quality of the printed image. However, all that printing technology did not result in reducing the cost of the printing process. Whether you ordered a few hundred or a few thousands, printing cost remained expensive. But today, digital printing has been completely revolutionized the printing process. Short run digital printing makes it possible for small quantities to be ordered at reduced printing costs and can even result in a much faster turnaround for the printed materials.

Short run digital printing is the greatest innovation in the printing business today. The technology answers the needs of both big and small businesses in terms of providing quality custom printing while at the same time controlling their printing costs. Now printing projects are easier, faster and more economical. This printing revolution illustrates that there is a continuous, ongoing effort to finding ways to produce high quality and affordable printing at a cheap price. This is what consumers are responding to; a completely hassle and worry free method of printing.

Short run printing is very advantageous to businesses and companies. There is no need for bulk orders to get cost savings in printing services. The modern technology used in short run digital printing makes it possible to produce even small quantities of 4 color printed products that are affordable for consumers. To completely appreciate the advantages of short run digital printing in these difficult economic times the following points should be thoroughly understood.

1. Quality printing: There are two printing processes that a consumer can choose fromódigital printing and offset printing. Although offset printing has proven to be very high quality and very cost effect on extremely large print, digital printing now offers the same quality printing at a more economical price point. You do not have to worry that quality is being sacrificed because cost is not a factor here.

2. Fast printing: In our fast moving global economy, speed is of the essence. With short run digital printing you can have your brochures, flyers, booklets and business cards printed very fast….may times overnight.

3. Green printing. We are all looking to protect the environment. Digital printing results in much less waste then traditional offset printing. With short run printing no plate is required resulting in less waste product. The digital printing process also does not require many sheets of paper to be run through the press to “make ready” or get the quality just right. Only one or two sheets need to be printed to check the quality and then the job is run.

4. Small Order Printing: It is estimated that 31% of all printed materials are thrown out because they have become outdated. With short run digital printing you can choose to only print the quantities of brochures, booklets, flyers, catalogues, business cards or post cards that you need for the immediate future. Then if business or economic conditions dictate that you make changes to your documents you do not have to throw away your printed materials. This concept will help us to contribute less waste to landfills.

5. Variable Data printing. Since digital printing does not use a static plate in it’s printing process you can incorporate variable data printing into your documents. Each brochure, flyer, post card or direct mail piece can be individually personalized with your customer’s name or account information. Variable data printing can result in much higher response rates which leads to higher profits.

6. Cost effective printing: Because of the new digital printing technologies it is now economical to print small batches of documents. You no longer have to print more materials than you actually need just to reach a “price break”.

At Clarkson Graphic Services, we can help you with your all of your short run digital printing needs. We can provide your business with catalogues, business cards, envelopes, labels, presentation folders or any of your other business printing needs using either digital or conventional printing processes. Contact Clarkson Graphic Services today for a quotation.